Socio is a venture-backed SaaS company that helps SMBs and enterprises optimize their events. With clients like Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, and Hyundai, Socio is being used in thousands of events globally and facilitating millions of interactions every day.

As a part of Socio's quickly growing team, you'll work directly with our CEO to help plan and coordinate the implementation of our current and future products.

In this role, you will be responsible for keeping the execution engine running on a day to day basis, building out our product backlogs with clear specifications while also owning and driving the long-term product vision.

This is a front-line position. You will be end to end responsible for all changes to one or more of our products. From ideation to deployment.


Vision & Strategy:

  • You own the vision, strategy, and roadmap of current and future products.
  • You know the market, our users, the product, and the competition. You create innovative product plans that address real user needs and make the right judgments.
  • You tell the story of what we’re building, how we’ll get there, why it will be awesome, and why we’ll win.
  • You drive alignment: with the development, design, sales, customer success, and marketing teams. If we ask 5 different people what you’re building and why, we’ll get one answer.

Execution & Impact:

  • You ensure the product is world-class. You are constantly product testing in real-world conditions. You define progress and impact, measure them, and maximize results.
  • You drive execution and remove roadblocks. You know where we are and where we’ll be in 6 months, and when to change those plans.
  • You know what needs to be done now and what can wait, and you focus the team on the key priorities.

Communication & Visibility:

    • You are the face of the product in the organization. People bring you questions, advice, and ideas. You ensure that everyone — your execs, ops, teams down the hall — knows who you are, what your team is doing, and what impact your team is having.
    • You ensure the product’s story is told, and understood, internally and externally. You create collateral, FAQs, docs, and presentations that can be leveraged by marketing, PR, sales/BD, executives, etc.


    • Your success is the success of the product. You’re accountable for devising and executing a winning plan — no excuses.
    • You don’t get driven around by the team; you figure out what the team needs, and you deliver that. If there are gaps in vision, strategy, execution, impact, communication, visibility, team culture, team capabilities, or anything else, you own them.


    • 2+ years of Product Management experience in a technology company (extra points for B2B, SaaS) taking products and services from concept to launch and continued development.
    • Technical fluency; understanding and discussing software architecture concepts, schedule tradeoffs, and new opportunities with technical team members.
    • Experience with Agile and SCRUM approach to software development with a track record of working well with UI / UX designers, developers and testers.
    • Obsession with good user interfaces and experiences.
    • An understanding for sales, marketing, and customer success functions.
    • Experience working in a high-growth, fast-paced startup.
    • Leadership qualities and interest in developing this skill set to enable others throughout the company and customer base to believe and work towards achieving Product vision.
    • Superior organization and communication skills.
    • Innovative, solution-minded problem solver. Flexible and pragmatic.
    • Highly driven to be successful. You’ll get tons of support, but not a lot of guidance. We need people who will not stop until they figure out how to get the job done.